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 Class Schedule

Reservations are required for all classes or trios.
Legend: Beg: Beginner      Int: Intermediate      Adv: Advanced



  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
07:00 am            
08:00 am   Int/Adv Trio   Tower Mat Adv Trio  
09:00 am         Senior Tower Int Trio
09:30 am            
10:00 am            
11:00 am            
12:00 pm            
12:30 pm   Express Express   Express  
01:00 pm            
01:30 pm       Int Trio    
04:30 pm            
05:30 pm Beg Trio Tower Mat        
06:00 pm            
06:30 pm     Beg Trio Tower Mat    
07:30 pm            
08:30 pm            

ONLY existing clients with an ID may use our on-line booking process. Click on a class and you may book up to 4 weeks of classes at once.

Cancellations policy:4 hours or less - full fee; less than 24 but more than 4 hours 50%, 24 hours or more no charge. Clients with a Pilatium ID may cancel on line by clicking here.

Express classes are 30 minute mat classes taught during the lunch hour. Trios and Tower classes are 55 minutes long. There is a maximum of 6 people in the Tower class.

Private sessions are 55 minutes long and may be scheduled through out the day. Open workouts are available subject to owner evaluation and approval. Please call to schedule: 212-334-3779.

Schedule as of January, 2019.