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1st Private Lesson: $70
New Client 3 Privates Package: $195
New Client 6 Privates Package: $375
(new client packages valid for 4 months)

Private Lesson: $94
Duet Lesson: $123
(p/p $61.50)
Reformer Trio: $38

Express Classes: $21.75
Tower Classes: $32.50
Open Workout: $30.25

Classes: $15
Privates: $42
Duet Lesson: $62
(p/p $31)
Trio: $21
Express: $10


Packages are available in four denominations:


Packages are non-refundable and expire one year from purchase date.

Credit on a discount package can be used for any class or private lesson. The greater the amount of the discount card the higher level of discount per class. Purchase of a package includes use of the online booking system.

Click here to see the package details.
Click here to see the Cancellation policy.
Pricing as of January 15, 2018.